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The Menopause Plan


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A unique 7 week programme from ‘Women of a Certain Stage’, designed for women at any time in their menopause journey.

Working through key pillars that will help you make incremental changes to benefit your body, mind and life.

You can ditch feeling alone, vulnerable and misunderstood and embrace a more confident, healthier and happier you.

VIP 1-1 Mentorship

You want to explore what you really want in life and how to get it. You need to tackle the mindset that’s holding you back, and build motivation and momentum to thrive in the life and career you deserve.

Working one-to-one with Sian over 90 days, you’ll have the benefit of over 20 years of HR, learning and development, and coaching experience.

Training & Consultancy

Working with organisations to deliver workshops and group programmes, so you can support everyone to understand and manage menopause better, and most importantly, attract and retain talented and skilled women.

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