How can coaching help in menopause?

From 2024, it is mandatory for GPs to be trained in women’s health which includes menopause. Given that it takes 10 years to train and qualify as a GP, women won’t see the benefit of that care until 2034. Although GPs surgeries are required to have at least one person trained in menopause by 2024, have you tried to get a GP appointment recently for something that isn’t urgent?

A decade is a long time for millions of women to suffer in silence and not get the support they need. Proper medical assessment and care is paramount and nothing I can share with you should be a substitute for that; I’m not a doctor or medically trained. But I don’t need to be to support women through this transition in their lives. Of course there are medical options but from my own experience, I can’t tell you the power of a supportive conversation.

One that empowers you.

One that reminds you that you have everything you need to take charge of your life.

One that facilitates real change and offers accountability.

Coaching during menopause boosts your confidence and self esteem, and reminds you of who you are and what you’re capable of.

A coach gives you one thing GPs don’t have the luxury of….time.

It’s the role of a coach to hold confidential, non-judgemental space for you, to raise your awareness, set your own goals and to make changes.

So many women during menopause don’t feel seen, heard, or important….they lose their sense of self. I know because I did.

As your coach, I see you, I hear you, I care and you ARE important. Please don’t forget it.

Sian Carter

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