Making Menopause Manageable

Lost your mojo? And your waistline? And think you’re losing your mind?
You’re don’t need to feel alone, misunderstood and overwhelmed.
You can take control of the changes that are happening to your body and mind,
and get back to feeling fabulous in mid-life again.

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I see you, I hear you and I understand you.

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You’re feel like you’ve lost yourself…

You’ve lost your spark, your energy button has been unplugged, you can’t think straight, you second guess yourself, you’re emotional which isn’t like you, and you notice you’re missing things at work. You’re worried there must be something wrong.

You’ve got lots of symptoms like disturbed sleep, headaches and migraine, irritability, heart palpitations, itchy skin, joint pain and muscle aches, digestive problems, hot flushes, night sweats, dizziness, bloating, urinary issues, and changes to your periods.

These are just some of the symptoms women experience during menopause.

You’re smart, capable and cope with what life throws at you, but feel like things are shifting. Menopause doesn’t have an opt-out button. You need to know what’s happening and how you can take control to feel AMAZING again.

How great would it feel to:

  • understand what’s happening to your body so you worry less
  • make yourself a priority for once and feel in control of your wellbeing
  • regain the confidence you’ve lost to get your life and career back on track
  • make choices that are best for you and build small habits that improve your quality of life so you feel excited and joyful again
  • rediscover your vibrancy and feel energised with a zest for life so you can be, do or have what you want
  • restore calm and harmony to reignite happiness in the relationships with people you love
  • be seen, heard and understood by someone who has experienced everything you’re going through, and has the skills to support you