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Hi, I’m Sian, lovely to meet you 😊

My own experience and professional development has brought me to where I am…and to connecting with you. As a qualified and ICF accredited coach, I’m setting out to support as many women as possible through the stages of menopause and to normalise the conversation.

I knew something wasn’t quite right but I didn’t understand what was happening to me. I felt different and was experiencing changes that felt alien to me. Self doubt crept in, I developed a little pouch of belly fat, was exhausted all the time, and my usual migraines and chronic pain skyrocketed.

I was developing a long list of symptoms and spent more time and money than I care to add up on therapies, treatments and supplements that would be the ‘answer’ to regaining my health. Dr Google told me I had any number of conditions or syndromes, which just made me more worried and anxious.

A couple of years later, a GP visit left me thinking I had a thyroid issue. However, some blood tests confirmed, I was peri-menopausal….at 37. I became post-menopausal just before my 45th birthday.

As with my other health conditions, I set about researching everything I could about menopause.

So much changed in those years and dealing with the physical, cognitive and emotional changes has been a rollercoaster. My whole outlook has changed and when I think back to those years, I don’t recognise myself.

Even though I’d been educating employers about menopause in my HR career for years, and knew lots about it, dealing with it was a struggle. My concentration and memory changed; I was forgetting things and hesitating in giving advice. My self motivation hit an all time low and I gave everything to my job and then crumbled in the evenings and at weekends.

I made the difficult decision to leave a job I loved and it was only after lots of self care, reflection and coaching that I realised how unwell I had been. Helping others is at the core of who I am. I know that with the right knowledge, understanding and support, you can take charge of your menopause transition and make your second act, your best yet.

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Sian Carter


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